A Successful Business is not just Whom it Hires

... but also how it takes care of its employee wellbeing, by instituting an ethical environment of care which elevates the potential of workers and keeps them constantly engaged.  Mindfulness can help.  

Mindfulness is increasingly being adopted at the workplace in the Western countries, for many reasons including improving performance, enhancing creativity, reducing absenteeism, promote emotional intelligence, etc.


Setting up a successful program is not straightforward, and the successful ones tend to be those which mindfulness adoption permeates across the leadership team, values and processes within the company. 


The Workplace Mindfulness Training (WorkplaceMT)


Unlike traditional MBSR and MBCT, which are designed typically for use by therapists and clinicians with its ‘higher-dosage’ experiential practices, Workplace Mindfulness Training (WorkplaceMT) is an evidence informed approach to teaching mindfulness specifically developed for the workplace. It is designed specifically for the needs of leaders, managers and employees who wish to develop mindfulness.


WorkplaceMT helps employees to develop mindfulness skills over a six week period. Employees attend a one hour training session each week delivered by our trainers on your premises, in a standard meeting room. Each week they learn new techniques to improve productivity, leadership, well-being and resilience, which they then practice each day and apply to their work.


Background of WorkplaceMT


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), with its ‘high-dosage’ experiential practices, was designed to be taught by clinicians and therapists to people who are unwell.  Professor Mark Williams (one of the co-developers of MBCT) and Dr. Danny Penman adapted MBCT into a self-help format, designed for use with a healthy population. Details of this 8 week course with shortened mindfulness practice requirements can be found in the best-selling book: Mindfulness a guide to finding peace in a frantic world.


WorkplaceMT is based on this model of MBCT mindfulness teaching.  It was adapted for the workplace by The Mindfulness Exchange, a spin-off from the Oxford Mindfulness Center (OMC).  TME is founded by Mark Leonard, who developed the OMC since its establishment and Marina Grazier, a member of Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) Development Board. 


Mindfulness Training


  • 6 Weeks x 1 hr*

  • Client's Premise (e.g. meeting room)

  • 50% taught input; 50% experiential

  • Home Practice: 15-30mins a day


* This programme may not be suitable for some employees suffering from acute conditions.

Customized Mindfulness Workshops:

  • 1, 2 or 3 hr workshop contextualized to organization's needs  

  • Client's Premise or Offsite (e.g. retreats)

  • An example of a two-hour workshop: 

    • Introduction to mindfulness

    • Explanation of Stress and its effects on mind and body

    • How mindfulness can increase productivity

    • Experience selected mindfulness tools and technique

Public Enrollment Courses:

  • Catered for working professionals whose companies may not provide the WorkplaceMT Formal Training

  • Check back on Courses page for the next available program

  • Or, form your own training group if you have a peer group of 14 to 20. Training venues can be recommended. 

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