“Mindfulness training has taught me to "enjoy and appreciate the moment". Most of us rush through life on auto-pilot mode and forget to appreciate the things around us. When we start to appreciate things more, we naturally become happier. Thank you Carmen for a wonderful training."

Terence Wee / Business Owner

“Mindfulness training is insightful & truly an eye opener for me. Carmen, the facilitator, is compassionate and sincere in her desire to share the 'hows' of living fruitfully 'from moment to moment' in the modern day world. The frantic pace of the world today ironically disempowered us to the extent that we un-mindfully engulf into 'auto-pilot mode' to cope with the demands that each day brings. 

Mindfulness helps us once again to open the avenue of living our life joyfully - by 'minding the gaps' of our expectations & the world at large. The psychology behind the training is well researched and documented.  I would like to thank Carmen for her effort and enthusiam in conducting this workshop."

Linda Tan / Social Worker

“The mindfulness course has taught me to be more aware of my mind, body and emotions. The 7 attitudes that under-gird the course really help me tremendously in the way I live my life now and shape my responses when I am met with stressful situations. I feel so much more at peace in general. Carmen has been an awesome instructor, always listening and modelling the 7 attitudes throughout the course. I am grateful for her genuine sharing and sincerity in helping us in this mindfulness journey."

Jialin / Educator

"I was curious as to what the course entails. Heard about it but wasn't too sure what it is. Came in with an open mind. It was rather refreshing, eye and mind opener. It helped greatly with Ms Carmen as the instructor. She was a patient and gentle instructor. She would encourage us to share our experiences and clarified our queries. The course definitely had benefited me heaps - for myself, my family and also some of my students. It gave me a clarity of mind and helped me to relax :)"

Suzanah / School Counsellor

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