Meditation in schools is becoming increasingly popular with a growing number of studies showing the effectiveness of quiet reflection on stress, anxiety and ADHD.


The .b Mindfulness Training for 11-18 yr olds


This course delivers the curriculum of The Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP), a non-profit organization specializing in training mindfulness in school settings. Since 2007, this program has been delivered in 12 countries, and translated into Dutch, Danish, Finnish, German, French and American English.


Because .b is designed by teachers, it is packaged with a specific pedagogy that makes teaching– and learning– mindfulness approachable and relevant to school life, whether that be a stressed teen facing exams, a bullying issue on the playground, a performance moment in sports or music, or enhanced listening and interpersonal communications for teachers. Current research has shown the mindfulness traiing have impacts on mental health, stress and wellbeing on young people.



Past and Current Research of Mindfulness for the Young


The MYRAID Research (UK)A large scale £6.4 million research fund has been awarded by The Wellcome Trust (global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health) to allow teams at the University of Oxford, together with a few other universities in the UK, to carry out research over seven years. This project is based on the knowledge that adolescence is a vulnerable time for the onset of mental illness: 75% of mental disorders begin before the age of 24, and half by age 15. By promoting good mental health and intervening early, particularly in the crucial childhood and teenage years, we can help to prevent mental illness from developing and mitigate its effects when it does (UK Department of Health, 2011). 


Infographic on the Effects of of Meditation Education in Schools in the U.S [source].



Mindfulness Training


  • 9 Weeks x 40-60mins

  • Held in classrooms or learning centers

  • Curriculum

    • Week 1: Playing Attention

    • Week 2: Taming the Animal Mind

    • Week 3: Recognizing Worry

    • Week 4: Being Here Now

    • Week 5: Moving Mindfully

    • Week 6: Stepping Back

    • Week 7: Befriending the Difficult

    • Week 8: Taking in the Good

    • Week 9: Pulling it All Together 


Mindfulness Introduction Talk:

  • A 45 to 60mins talk (which comes with short experiential practices) to introduce Mindfulness to educators, parents and students  

Mindfulness for Educators:

  • Being an educator has its fair share of challenges. Depending on needs and suitability, both the MBSR program or WorkplaceMT programs can be conducted for Educators in schools.

  • Please get in touch with us for any questions.  

Public Enrollment Courses:

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