Our Vision

Mindful Insights envisions a world where humans (re-)gain the life skills to effectively manage their minds and to improve their quality of life and well-being. Through these skills, one’s compassion, emotional balance, wisdom and happiness are enhanced. The individual innate potential is maximized, and the world becomes a better place to live in, for many generations to come.

Our Guiding Principles 

1. We stress on delivering secular mindfulness programs that are informed by scientific evidence. 


2. We believe in the early prevention of future stress-related mental and physical dis-eases, and hence Mindfulness training should be made accessible to people early on in their lives, not only when they are unwell. 


This means that we are constantly trying to bring mindfulness to a place near you, whether at the workplace, community center, schools etc. Whether you are a business leader, home-maker, teacher, student, senior citizen, ex-law offender, etc, if you would like to learn mindfulness, or bring to your community, we will be happy to work something out to the best of our ability.


3. Mindfulness training is a life skill, and should be made accessible to people regardless of their social economic status. We like to keep things simple, and try to keep prices affordable. We do not engage in sleek marketing nor rent expensive commercial premises, eventually leading to high overheads and the need to charge high fees for the training. This potentially locks many people out from the training. However, we are not a charity either. What you are paying for is for the time and efforts of the people to realize the vision.    

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